Rates & Discounts

Honored only on Walk-Ups / Not valid on online discounts / FKWSC reserves the right to refuse service and discounts.

WARNING!!! Be Careful of all hidden charges other JETSKI RENTAL / TOURS companies hide. Before you make a reservation or waste your time driving to their location, be sure to get the total cost of your Jetski rental or Tour prior to any commitment.

Compare the Conditions of the Jetskis:

  • You can not see the inside condition but you can tell from the outside how well they maintain their jetskis even looking at their Jetdocks or Floating docks you can tell it all about how well the company is presented.
  • They don’t MARK the damages on their jetskis so be careful they don’t blame you on exciting damage and make you pay $$ for damages you have not done.

So sometimes Saving $10 – $20 wont seem like such a bargain when you break down on the water or get a bad jet ski full of Damages